Oggie & The Froggie

Liz and I saw the first x-rays of Oggie’s lungs tonight. I don’t think it would surprise anyone that my first thoughts were of old frog x-rays. Well, those were my first thoughts that weren’t purely focused on diagnostics. (The doctors here are much better with diagnosis than I, thank goodness.)

Those stringy things are wires and tubes going into his belly button. They allow them to put in meds and take out blood. So far they have taken alot of B+ blood and put back some O+ blood with no ill effects. The really dark spots on the tips of his lungs are inflamed or “collapsed” areas.


Not Oggie

The wrinkly stuff below his lungs are his stomach intestines. He isn’t pooping because he isn’t eating. He pees. I would guess about every 4 hours he pees.

Frogs were on my mind a few weeks ago too. There is a rather odd experiment (or snake-oil side-show) to prove that electricity was God’s Life Juice. I don’t have access to that particularly horrific money maker. But, on the more tame side of medical/science  history, a suave Italian guy named Luigi Galvani proposed that inanimate objects were different than animate objects because of this life force stuff called animal electricity. It involved frogs too.

It lead to Mr. Volta inventing the modern battery. It also lead to a very large group of people investing alot of time, energy, and scams into a “philosophical” movement called Vitalism during the 1800′s. It is a fun read and an important part of the history of modern science. However, the basics of Vitalism are still abused by snake oil salesmen to this day.  I have yet to see anyone propose anything of the sort at HUP to fix Oggie yet. I very much doubt they will.

That’s whats on my mind tonight as I go to sleep. Frogs, old science experiments, and Vitalism.


Frog X-Rays, 1896
by Photographers: Josef Maria Eder & Eduard Valenta

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Ogden Begosh Snow was born Sept 14. He is in NICU
because of Meconium Aspiration. Writing this
mostly just to keep my mind occupied and focused.
I assume it will also be interesting record to read.